Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ken Vinton

Ken was born, raised, and educated (high school, BS, MA in Printmaking) in Indiana, Pennsylvania, where he still currently resides. He has been an art teacher, (retired) a contractor, (retired) an account, (big mistake) raquetball pro, (not-so-good) an author, (three books) an illustrator, (13 books) a national speaker on the creative and the gifted, (15 years) an antique dealer, (30 years) and now, as always, a full time artist! A studio in the third floor of the family home is where watercolors and drawings evolve. Work time is mostly at night. (all night sometimes if the passion blocks reality and time!) 

"I create because the stories in my head won't allow for anything else."

Ken illustrated this children's book written by author, Harlan E. Wittkopf. It tells a story about Alphie, the Alphabet Cone (Conus spurius), a shell usually cream to white in color that features rows of irregular orange. light-, or dark-brown spots. The "spots" form shapes similar to the letters of the alphabet. Alphie finds shells that have common names beginning with the letters of the alphabet, a-z.
Alphie Finds the Alphabet
Signed book from both the author and illustrator

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's that time again! 

May Events:

Musical acts, held every Friday from 6-8pm:
  • 3 - Jumpin Rob, from the group, Whiskey Run Bluegrass, who recently played at The Brown 
  • 10 - TREE, a traditional Irish/Celtic, Bluegrass musical act from Johnstown
  • 17 - Jazz Guitarist Al Craige, a gallery favorite
  • 24 - Striped Maple Hollow, another band from Johnstown that plays traditional folk and alternative country sounds
  • 31 - I Speak the Password Primeval Poetry reading

Children's Make and Take Workshops, every Saturday 10am-1:30pm:
  • 4 - Mother's Day ceramic painting led by J.R. Sherburne
  • 11 - Traditional African Tie-Dye class taught by Sandy Trimble. Bring a 100% cotton shirt!
  • 18 - Building structures (a wood class) taught by Katie Ott
  • Registration info on our website at www.theartistshandgallery.com

On Saturday, May 4 starting at 2pm and lasting until 4:30pm, the Youth Arts celebration will be held at the Indiana Mall. It will feature one of the gallery's interns, Erin Jacob, teaching children how to make paintings out of potato stencils. 

The opening for "New Works - The Potters of Smicksburg", will be held on Friday, May 10 from 6-8 pm

Jolene Joyner, a member of the IAA, will be teaching a still-life painting class on Saturday, May 25 from 9am until 4pm, with an hour lunch break. 

Get out of the house and enjoy some local events here at the gallery! 

Janice Selkirk

"I am an Indiana County native who, after graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, moved away to pursue my career in Medical Technology. in 1991, I married my wonderful husband, John, and moved to Philadelphia. Our family was complete with the addition of two sons. We spent much of our lives in Berks County, Pennsylvania, where I discovered a love for photography. Through the years, I have developed this talent by capturing moments in time with my camera. I love to shoot nature, historical points of interest, my sons' sporting events and whatever catches my eye. We recently moved back to Indiana County and, with the encouragement of friends and family, I have chosen to share these moments in time." 

Janice recently updated her contract with the gallery, so she has all new work on display! Her pieces are nature shots that capture events, which happen in a matter of seconds. The breath-taking photographs are so vivid that the viewer can almost hear the waves crashing on the rocks and feel the mist on their face. 

Crashing Waves

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barb Kubala

Barb is a retiree of the Indiana School district and has been active in the community for many years. As a fiber artist, Barb has practiced many different forms of woven techniques, all of which are a stunning display of her talents. Much of her work is done as pin weaving, which gives her the flexibility to weave any shape that she draws. Her use of simple non-objective organic shapes is a constant in all her work whether it is a wall hanging, a neck-piece, or a jacket. She is pleased to say that every one of her works is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. 

These earrings are an excellent example of how intricate Barb's jewelry pieces are; she has an eye for detail that is easily shown off with a pop of color. 
Fiber Arts/Mixed Media, Earrings

Barb's pieces are circular in nature, which captures the viewer's eye as it swirls around the work. Her pieces also tend to incorporate gold pigments, which compliment every skin tone. 

Fiber Arts/Mixed Media, Necklace and Earrings
$175 for three-piece set

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Richard Kozak

Mr. Kozak received his Bachelor's Degree in Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. He has served as Staff Photographer for many illustrious publications such as The Washington Times and Insight Magazine, where he won numerous national and regional awards for photojournalism. From 2004 to 2009 he served as Senior Photographer for the Army Times where he covered Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beirut including all aspects and branches of the United States military (domestic and global). After being injured in Iraq in 2007, Mr. Kozak left journalism to pursue a career as a painter as well as photographer of nature and the human condition. He currently resides in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. 

The two nature photographs below exemplify the incredible skill Mr. Kozak possesses when it comes to macro, or close-up, photography. He captures intricate details in the plants that requires a great deal of patience and hard work. 

Pink Bloom
Green Cross

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bill Double

Bill studied at Temple University, Tyler School of Art, The International School Umbria, Italy; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and The Sedona Art Center. He retired to Indiana, Pennsylvania after teaching art and theater in the Philadelphia area. His recent works are collage/mixed media. He also works in colored pencil, pastel, and photography celebrating places and people. His work has shown in many area group and one man shows. 

He is currently Exhibition Coordinator for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Museum and serves on the board of the Indiana Arts Association and is actively involved within the Indiana Arts Council. 

Bill has both photography and pastel work in the gallery currently. His pastel pieces are very soft and portray calm environments. While he draws them realistically, the colors he uses are very unique in that they aren't the actual objects' colors, but rather imaginative pigments that blended together create shadow and depth.

The photography pieces that Bill creates are voyeuristic in nature, candidly capturing people. In this piece, the composition allows your eye to travel up the tall buildings and take in the breath taking height. 

Tallinn, Estonia

Sedona in October