Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One-Stop Shop for Specialty Gifts

The holiday season is here and its time to start thinking of special gifts for your loved ones. The Artists Hand has a collection of works by local artists, that anyone in the family can enjoy. Help support local small businesses and artists. The display case that sits to the left of the barista counter as you walk into The Artists Hand, houses many works by local artists who's artwork will make beautiful gifts for the holiday season.

Betty Hedman

Betty Hedman and Ron Moretti are two artists who have artwork for sell that would make great gifts for the holidays. Betty Hedman's ceramic mug series gives the the consumer a variety to choose from with her assortment of large and small ceramic kitchen ware. Betty salt glazes her pottery. She uses flame, kiln atmosphere and salt or soda as the elements that intimately intermingle with her pottery. This gives them the warm rich colors and surface desired.
Ron Moretti
Natural Edge Maple Burl Bowl

 Ron Moretti's burl bowls and vessels are great gifts for the relatives that enjoy wood working. Ron Moretti has been wood working for nine to ten years and takes great satisfaction in taking rough lumber and turning it into functional and pleasing pieces of furniture. The warmth of the wood Ron uses and the grain the wood follows, shows natural beauty and expression in his work. This gives the customer atmosphere with being one with nature.

The Artists Hand represents the best of Indiana County. Stop in to treat yourself or a loved one to the exceptional artwork these local artist have to offer.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gregory A. Jones

"...Ansell Adams
I can remember reading this many, years ago and how it touched upon what I was trying to convey with my photography. From the very first session in my darkroom I built in the basement of my home in the early 70's I knew this would be a love that would last my lifetime. I remember the first image I developed and still look at that picture after all these years for inspiration. The guidance I received from my stepfather who was a professional photographer was invaluable.
Spring Creek
Two years ago I retired after 38 years at Indiana Regional Medical Center and am now pursuing landscape and nature photography on a full-time basis with my studio located in my home where I do all my post-production editing, matting and framing. When not pursuing the perfect photograph I enjoy gardening, landscaping and riding my motorcycle. I also work out to stay in shape for those long days on the trail photographing. The scenery in Pennsylvania offers much for the photographer to build their craft upon. At this time, this is the place I am meant to be to develop my craft."
North Pier Lighthouse

At first glance Greg Jones photography can be mistaken for a realism painting. The composition of the photographs looks and feels so surreal that it may seem to be pulled out of his imagination. Greg Jones has a knack for finding the right angle that allows your eyes to follow a pattern with his photographs. He gives you the feeling of actually being in the exact place he captured the moment. Attention to detail is a crucial part of his work.
Stop into The Artist Hand and purchase some of Greg's work and enjoy wonderful seasonal coffee from our Espresso Bar. Greg Jones photographs will make excellent holiday gifts for your loved ones and family.