Wednesday, August 20, 2014


            Jolene is an oil/pastel painter. She has lived in Indiana County most of her life and currently lives in Clymer, PA. Her studio is in her home. She works from photographs that have been taken locally and from travels to France and Italy. Her artwork is representational because she enjoys the challenge.

            Jolene’s pieces at The Artists Hand Gallery consist of landscapes, still lifes, and subjective works. Her still lifes, such as “Still Life With Pearls,” pictured above, recall the styles of Juan Sanchez Cotan, Raphaelle Peale, and Paul Cezanne, to an extent.  In contrast, Jolene’s subjective pieces, such as “Three Kittens,” above, show her incredible talent for capturing movement in oil. Both styles reflect the influence of photography in her work.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Artist Statement
            My work chronicles an artistic journey from representational still life drawing to abstract, grid-like works reminiscent of mid-twentieth century design.  In between are works that are semi-abstract, realistic works with abstract qualities, and works that appear realistic but are partially or wholly imaginary.  Interesting design and surface textures appeal to me in any kind of art, no matter what medium or style.  Tightly organized geometric designs are satisfying, but even more so with the addition of color and organic shapes as counterpoint.
            Drawing is a reflective and meditative activity, one that grounds me and structures my days.  The centralized design of these works makes them seem like objects for contemplation---like modern versions of ancient mandalas.  In looking at them, I hope the viewer experiences both a sense of peace and calm, as well as of exploration and discovery.

            Kathleen Kase Burk has exhibited her drawings in regional and national shows for over thirty years, winning many awards. Her works are included in many public and private collections, such as Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, Del Mar College (TX), University of North Dakota, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and Parkersburg Art Center (WV). She received a BA degree in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1972 and an MA degree in Art, also from IUP, in 1980. She has taught art in a variety of settings, including the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, visiting artists program through PA Council on the Arts, and at Bishop Carroll High School in Ebensburg from 1991 until 2009.

            Primarily a still life artist, Ms. Burk’s extremely realistic pencil drawings explore the effects of light on arrangements of common objects. In recent years, however, her interest in design, particularly grids and centralized geometric designs reminiscent of mid-twentieth century modern art, has resulted in a series of large abstract works, some of which are executed in colored pencil.