Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Greg Langham

Educated at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Greg's work resides in many private collections throughout the United States. Professionally, Langham was employed by the Penns Manor School District as the High School Art teacher; a position from which he retired in 2008 to return to his personal art work. His work may be described as a mixture of realism and fantasy, with periodic excursions into the abstract. 

Langham uses precise, thin brushstrokes in his paintings which allow for very detailed work. He uses layers of paint to create texture and complimentary colors to make the colors come alive in this landscape of the Grand Canyon. 

Grand Canyon Sketch

The way he outlines his subjects in this piece make the figures stand out from the background. He draws attention to the faces of the pedestrians by focusing the lighting on them; they give off a feeling of warmth. He uses color as a reflection of the surrounding objects. 

Street Crossing

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