Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're Celebrating 5 Years!

     July 13, 2012 The Artists Hand Gallery and Espresso Bar opened it's doors. Our mission, to provide local artists with a venue to sell their work locally, and to provide the Downtown with artisan coffee drinks. We started out working with Commonplace Coffee, and they still provide our signature Artist Hand espresso.We are proud of our place in Indiana's downtown, and of the artists we represent. It's not always easy to sell art, and yet we have provided our community with the work of several local favorites like potter Jr Sherburne, our artist in residence, not to mention our potters Francis DeFabo and Rich French.  Local painters Mark Altrogge, Harold Miller, Greg Langham, and Mandi Moerland are also among our top sellers. Our jewelry artists, Sharon Shepard, Chere Winnek-Shawer, and Barb Kubala continue to wow. And these are only a few of the incredible artists and artisans that are represented at The Artists Hand!

   Over the last five years we have taken our position as the Arts destination downtown very seriously. We have offered  art classes for creators of all ages. Saturday Workshops for elementary children, art lessons for children from middle to high school ages. Most recently adding adult workshops in painting, with Mark Altrogge, and guitar, with Al Craige, and our Eat Drink Create BYOB Art Activities for adults. And we also have seen our space used for great events like the "Love of Life" kick off to several community events, like fundraising for the Community Garden. The Artist Hand has become the place for the Arts in downtown Indiana, and it's a good place to be.

  So we have decided to celebrate! Beginning July 13, 2017, the date of our Anniversary, ending Saturday, July 15, we are going to host a series of events that both thank and honor all those who have helped us to keep our doors open. Thursday, July 13 we will host our Investors and Members at an informal wine and cheese gathering,from 6 to 8, on Friday, July 14 we will hold our "Party for the Arts", a mini arts festival, from 6 to 10. The band Somebody To Love will perform, there will be arts activities, and food. The cost to enter the party is $10 per person, and kids 12 and under are free. Saturday we will have sidewalk sales from 10 AM to 4 PM, showcasing several of our artists and arts organizations and we will close with the public reception for our art show of the Month. In July we will showcase the work of J.R. Sherburne and Ken Vinton. So save the dates and plan on joining us for a very special celebration in Downtown Indiana!

We are happy to be in Downtown Indiana and happy to have you as our devoted customers! Thank you!

The Artist Hand Gallery and Espresso Bar
732 Philadelphia Street, Indian

Friday, May 5, 2017

Oh! My Pearls!

We have some custom made pearl jewelry featured in our gallery made by local artist, Chere' Winnek- Shawer.

About these pearls: 
"Akoya Pearls are salt-water pearls, and the name "Akoya" comes from the oyster that produces the pearl. Akoya pearls are cultured in the Pinctada fucata martensii, also known as the akoya oyster. this mollusk is found and farmed primarily in Japan and China. Akoyas are known for their wonderful luster and are considered the classic pearl. they are generally white or cream colored, with overtone colors of rose, silver, or cream." -Chere' Winnek- Shawer

Salt Water Pearls
SS Wires
G Filled Clasp & Rondels
Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise

Stop in to purchase Chere's jewelry and enjoy a drink from our Espresso Bar! We hope to see you soon! :) 

-The Artists Hand Gallery & Espresso Bar 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Oil and Canvas Moves Exhibition

This May, we have a new exhibition in our gallery: 
Oil and Canvas Moves by Mandi Moerland

Feel the Beat #2

A note from the artist: 

"My paintings are about figure and moments. I paint with oils on canvas, with an emphasis on brush stroke and line. My background in dance has influenced my paintings, which include images of women and dancers. I believe the most successful paintings develop when something common elicits something new for the viewer. My work continues to evolve with focus on line, figure, color and abstraction. I have exhibited in juried shows in New York City, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and The Artists Hand Gallery." -Mandi Moerland 

Heads Up 
Hannah's Curtains

Exhibition Dates: May 3rd-June 5th
Opening Night Reception: May 5th, 2017 @6pm 

Please stop into the gallery to purchase one or more of Mandi's stunning paintings and enjoy a drink & treat from our espresso bar! 

-The Artists Hand Gallery & Espresso Bar 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What's the Stitch: New Quilts!

Love quilts? We've got some for you! Our gallery has an assortment of Antoinette Nester's lovely quilts available for purchase. 

Pet Quilts
23x18  $35
36x22  $45

Don't be fooled by Grumpy Cat's face... he loves the comfy pet quilts; he hasn't left for days! We also have full length quilts available in a variety of patterns. 
Painted Cats Quilt
4 Patterned Quilts
$275 each 

Please stop into The Artists Hand to purchase some of Atnoinette's quilts and enjoy a drink & treat from our Espresso Bar! We hope to see you soon! :) 

-The Artists Hand Gallery & Espresso Bar 

Friday, April 7, 2017

The University Museum Goes Downtown Ceramics

This April, we have a new exhibition in our gallery: The University Museum Goes Downtown Ceramics. This exhibition runs from April 5th to May 1st and features examples from IUP University Museum's ceramic collection. There are over 20 objects, representing numerous styles, time periods, and artists. 

One featured artist in this exhibit is Japanese- American ceramist, Toshiko Takaezu. Her closed pots, round spheres, and tall cylinders are inspired from natural forms that help lift and promote the production of ceramics as functional vessels to the status of fine art. 

Please stop by The Artists Hand this month to view the ceramics featured in this exhibit and enjoy drinks and pastries from our Espresso Bar!

Visit our website,  www.theArtistsHandGallery.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information and updates! 

-Ali Walker and the rest of us at The Artists Hand Gallery :)

Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly Game Night

Do you ever crave a stress-free night of games and puzzles? I know I do! If so, you're in luck!! Every Wednesday night from 5-7pm, the Artists Hand hosts game night! 

We have a number of games and puzzles in our gallery including Sorry!, Yahtzee, Backgammon, and Trivial Pursuit.You are more than welcome to bring your own games too! 

We even have specialty drinks available on game night. 

Please join us for next week's game night. It'll be a lot of fun! :) 

-Ali and the rest of us at The Artists Hand

Friday, March 24, 2017

April Events

Hello, lovely blog followers!
This April, we have some exciting events happening at The Artists Hand! 
Eat. Drink. Create. 
April 15 @ 6-8pm
Enjoy a relaxing evening of creating jewelry with friends and family! You bring the food and wine. We provide the art supplies and instructor. Please call us at (724)463-8710 or visit our website for more info and to make a reservation
Game Night
Wednesdays @ 5-7pm

Enjoy a fun night of games!
Bring your own games or play ours. 
Special Themed Drinks
Open Mic Night 
April 21 @6pm 

Join us for a night of live music from our talented locals!
Free Espresso Bar drinks for the first 3 performers.

We hope that you stop by The Artists Hand to enjoy our artwork, events, and seasonal coffee from our Espresso Bar. 
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Visit our website,  www.theArtistsHandGallery.com, for more information and updates! 

-Ali Walker and the rest of us at The Artists Hand Gallery :)